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Acapulco is one of Mexico’s most famous beach resorts, found on the south western coast of the country. Being an immensely popular vacation destination, as well as a top port of call on numerous cruise itineraries, you’ll find a great number of attractions, facilities, restaurants and cheap accommodation in Acapulco, designed for visitors to have their best vacation yet.

One of the highlights of the city are its numerous beaches which come complete, with picture-perfect golden sands lapped by gentle, aquamarine waters just begging to be bathed in. Here you can choose to do as much or as little as you like, whether that’s dozing off under the shade of a palm tree or living life on the edge and trying out the water sports available. If you can’t get enough of the beach, search for cheap vacation rentals in Acapulco with frontline ocean views. Although these locations are normally pricey, during the quiet months you can often bag a bargain.

After you’ve had your fill of sunshine, there are plenty of other ways to keep yourself entertained in Acapulco. The city’s numerous spas provide hours of pampering indulgence, the historically-rich Fort of San Diego will broaden your horizons, the awesome cliff divers at La Quebrada are sure to take your breath away and the bustling Zocalo will give you a glimpse of the real Mexico. Many accommodation options, even cheap hotels in Acapulco, offer a variety of excursions, so see what your hotel has to offer before you book an excursion elsewhere or venture off on your own.
When the sun sets, Acapulco really comes to life. The coastal city’s nightlife is notorious and comes in the form of live music venues with local bands, bars serving all sorts of exotic cocktails and pumping lively nightclubs where the party starts late and goes on until the early hours.
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