Travel guide to Eger


Local name
When it is 12.00 in Britain, it is 13.00 in Eger.

Best time to visit

Eger's sights are there all year, so it is always interesting to visit the city. It can get quite cold and inaccessible in winter and quite hot in summer, though. Spring and autumn are good seasons to go to Eger.

Culture and entertainment

If you are into fun making, nothing much is happening in Eger. On the other hand, the city has overwhelmingly beautiful baroque architecture. Eger is perfect for small walks, because there is something interesting around every street corner, and because the city centre is closed of for all traffic.

Accommodation / Hotel

It is easy to find a hotel. The city has both small, private pensions and large hotels. Camping possibilities are also good in the area around Eger. Book your hotel in Eger here

Local transport



It is easy to get a taxi in Eger, but sometimes you have to discuss the price with the chauffeurs who are not always willing to use the taximeter.

Other transport

There are local busses in Eger and in the area surrounding the city. There are bus connections from Eger to large cities in Hungary as well.

Special conditions

Pay attention to all the Hungarians that visit Eger. The city means a lot to them, because their ancestors defeated the Turks and liberated themselves from 170 years of occupation in this city.
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