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The Gida Dan Hausa quarter (Kano)
When you enter Gida Dan Hausa a fantastic and marvellous world unfolds before you. The many old buildings bear witness to the magnificent culture that has marked the area. If you close your eyes you can almost imagine the crowds of the past, when the old caravan routes met here.
The Kurmi market (Kano)
The Kurmi market is one of Africa's largest and oldest market places. Here you will find ancient African artworks in gold and silver, several centuries old. You see the old crafts performed right in front of you. For instance, you can go see Africa's oldest dyeing caves, where cloth is dyed in all the colours of the rainbow.
The palace of the Emir (Kano)
Next to the Kano mosque you will find the palace of the Emir and the Gidan Makama museum. It is difficult to get into the palace, since the Emir still lives there. In return, you can enjoy the part of the palace that is converted into a museum. The beautiful museum building from the 15th century contains a very interesting exhibition of architecture.

Area and city attractions

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