Travel guide to Male

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Local name
62,973 (1995).
When it is 12 noon in England (summer time), it is 4 pm in Malé When it is 12 noon in England (winter time), it is 5 pm in Malé.

Best time to visit

In relation to the weather conditions, the most ideal time to go to Malé is from December to April - the most sunny and dry season of the year. However, you can also enjoy a visit to the town the rest of the year, but then it is more cloudy, rainy and humid.

Culture and entertainment

There are several festivals in Malé, e.g the Tourism Market in January, International Media Launch in February and Music and Performing Arts for Tourism in March.

Accommodation / Hotel

There are a few hotels in Malé, all in good condition. In addition, there are quite a few guesthouses in town. In the peak season it is wise to book beforehand. Book your hotel in Male here

Local transport



There are a few taxis in town and it is best to order one at your hotel.

Other transport

You can rent a bike in Malé or you can walk.
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