Travel guide to Pécs


Local name
When it is 12.00 in Britain, it is 13.00 in Pécs.

Best time to visit

Pécs has a wonderful, mild climate and can be visited all year. All year, the city offers cultural events such as opera, ballet and music. If you wish to enjoy the scenery around the city as well, spring, summer and early autumn would be the best seasons to go to Pécs.

Culture and entertainment

Pécs is famous for its ballet, music and opera. So if you are into classical arts, Pécs is the place to go. There are performances all year in the opera house and the theatre of the city.

Accommodation / Hotel

It is easy to find a hotel in Pécs. The city has all price ranges, also the very cheap private pensions. There are camping possibilities outside the city. Book your hotel in Pécs here

Local transport



It is easy to get a taxi in Pécs. As the place is well visited, there is a large offer in taxis. If the chauffeur does not want to use the taximeter, settle the price before the trip.

Other transport

The bus connections from Pécs to the rest of Hungary are good. Local busses operate inside and outside the city.
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