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Lok Virsa Museum (Islamabad)
Lok Virsa, the country's best ethnographic museum, is a world-class museum and definitely worth a visit if you want to understand the people of this strange country better. Besides the people's history and remains, there is also a section with traditional handicrafts in clay, wood and textile. Here you can see how the souvenirs you buy should actually look like.
Shah Faisal Mosque (Islamabad)
The largest mosque in Asia, with room for 100,000 worshippers. This bombastic marble mosque cost US$ 50 million, whereof most came from Saudi Arabia. Tourists are always welcome, so be discrete and avoid the midday prayer, especially on Fridays.
The parks (Islamabad)
Enjoy the calm of the Islamabad's many parks, while watching the world go by. Shakarparian Park has a section with a lot of sculptures and a fantastic view of both cities (Islamabad and Rawalpindi).
The city of Lahore (Lahore)
The most important city in Pakistan, culturally and economically, scares off the tourists with its pollution and social problems, which give a bad first-time impression. It doesn't take long though, before you can appreciate the fantastic architecture, the green parks and gardens and the mosques and temples. It is an easy place to escape the 21st century.
The city of Bahawalpur (Punjab)
Bahawalpur is on of the more pleasant surprises of Punjab, as the relaxed city has some of the most friendly and hospitable inhabitants in all of southern Pakistan. If you're invited home for coffee, tea or dinner, take advantage of this opportunity to see the Pakistani everyday life up close.
The village of Uch Sharif (Punjab)
This little village is situated on a mountain peak, far away from everything, and has an incredible view. It isn't the view that is its main attraction, though, but the town's history and religious significance. Built in the 5th century B.C. by Hindus and later visited by Alexander the Great, it is the center of the mysterious, religious sect, the Sufis, and a Sikh place of pilgrimage. If you're into religion, you'll love it.

Area and city attractions

• Gilgit
• Karachi
• Lahore
• Peshawar
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