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Phetchburi (Siam Bay)
In this little city north of Hua Hin there are not only several temples, but also the beautiful white palace Khao Wang. King Mongkut built the palace around 1860. From the palace there is a fantastic view of the city and you can even see the boarder to Burma.
Samut Prakarn (Siam Bay)
Samut Prakarn is the largest crocodile farm in the world and was founded in 1950. Today all wild crocodiles are extinct in Thailand, but at the farm there are over 60.000 animals. It is mainly their skin that is of interest because it is used as skin and for purses.
The Night Market in Hua Hin (Siam Bay)
The night market is the place where the local population gathers to trade and chat. During the day there is not a trace of the market, but at night all the stands and food vendors open. The food that can be bought at the market is delicious and very cheap.

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