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Camp Nou Stadium (Barcelona)
FC Barcelona plays at Camp Nou. The stadium is quite impressive and has room for a crowd of 100.000. The club has a museum you can watch while visiting Camp Nou. The museum takes you through a tour of FC Barcelona's history and shows pictures of the many world famous stars that have played in the club.
The Building of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona (Barcelona)
La Sagrada Familia in the middle of the elegant Catalan city Barcelona is a remarkable building. The church designed by the architect Antoni Gaudi is being built with strange moon like colours and shapes. This very day, years after Gaudi's death the building is still being build in his spirit. If you only want to do one day of sightseeing in Barcelona you must go to Sagrada Familia.
The Park Nöel (Barcelona)
Parc Nöel is the park where the remarkable Gaudi unfolded his enormous artistic talent. The benches in the park look like they belong in a fairytale. They have twisting shapes, patterns and bright colours. Next to Gaudis architecture the park also gives you a chance to listening to music since it often has life music.
The Walking Street La Rambla (Barcelona)
The Rambla is the main walking street of Barcelona and one of the most famous streets in the world. The Rambla stretches from the enormous Plaza de Andalusia down the Barcelona's impressive port. The trees at the Rambla give the street pleasant shades. The trees, restaurants and artists of all sort also gives the Rambla atmosphere you find nowhere else in the city.
The Pyrenees (Catalonia)
The Pyrenees offers excellent trekking and walks in a magnificient scenery. Small villages in the mountains offer overnight accommodation so that you don't even have to carry a tent or camping gear on your walk. The best time of year to walk in the Pyrenees is from the end of June till early September. In the rest of the year snow can make it difficult to walk.
The Village Tossa de Mar (Catalonia)
Tossa de Mar is a cosy white village with narrow streets. The city stretches alongside a curved coastline where there are good possibilities for trying water sports. Tossa was one of the first places at Coast Brava to attract tourists. The first tourists belonged to a small group of artists and writers who came to Tossa in the 1930's. Today the place is a favourable destination for charter tourists.
The Town Lleida (Lleida)
One of Catalonia's historical towns Lleida is the starting point for many walks in the Pyrenees. Lleida's impressive cathedral is definitely worth a visit. From the to the 15th century this building was build in sand coloured stone. The dominant position of the cathedral in the city makes it appear as a monument over Lleida.

Area and city attractions

• Barcelona
• Bilbo
• Lleida
• Madrid
• Málaga
• Seville
• Valencia
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