Travel guide to Korfu

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Best time to visit

Corfu can easily be visited all year round. The climate between April and October is great for the beach and water activities, while the winter months are temperate, but without the many tourists who invade the island during the summer.

Local conditions


Time zone

When it is 12.00 in England, it is 14.00 in Corfu.

Culture and entertainment

Corfu has some of the most beautiful landscape in all of Greece, making the island perfect for hiking, as well as all kinds of aquatic sports. If you like partying, there are also plenty of discos and bars, and if you want to explore the more cultural side of the island, there are several interesting museums and architectonic buildings to marvel at.

Accommodation / Hotel

Corfu holds plenty of overnight accommodation. The large hotel chains dominate, but it is also possible to find some smaller and less expensive pensions. There are plenty of private pensions and camping sites on the island, too. Book your hotel in Korfu here

Local transport



You can get a taxi in the large holiday resorts and in the cities, but not in the more remote areas. The taxis are relatively cheap.

Other transport

There's an airport in Corfu, and there are local buses between the towns and cities of the island. Ferries depart regularly between Corfu and the mainland, as well as to the other Greek islands.
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