Travel guide to Mexico City

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Local name
When it is 12.00 in England, it is 05.00 in Mexico City.

Best time to visit

Mexico is very hot and humid between May and October, which makes the already claustrophobic Mexico City especially unbearable to visit. It is surrounded by mountains, which sometimes make it stifling to be in, but a good time to go is between October and May when it is dry and warm without being too hot.

Culture and entertainment

Mexico City has a broad selection of cultural offers and lots of free arrangements, such as the regular presentations of traditional Aztec dances in front of the Anthropological Museum. There are a large number of interesting museums and buildings, as well as a large variety of theatres and places to dance (try visiting the Zona Rosa). A trip in the metro is a fascinating but intimidating experience, where you can get an idea of how many people 20 million actually are.

Accommodation / Hotel

Mexico City is abundant in hotels in all price ranges, and there are also plenty of hostels for those who don't mind sleeping in dormitories. You can also find guesthouses, casas de huespedes. Camping isn't very popular in Mexico City, but you can find some camping sites outside of the city. Book your hotel in Mexico City here

Local transport



It is easy to get a taxi in Mexico City, and, contrary to other places in the country, they have taxi metres. After sunset, though, some drivers won't turn it on, and you'll then have to agree on a price before the ride.

Other transport

Mexico City has a well-developed metro system, as well as cheap city buses. There are trains and domestic flights from Mexico City to the rest of the country.

Special conditions

Notice that Mexico City is a very polluted city, and that it can be bad for your health to stay for a longer period of time. Tourists are also sometimes robbed, so watch your valuables.
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