Attractions from Nha Trang

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Dao Chi (Nha Trang)
Dao Chi means "the monkey island". The island got its name because of the several hundred monkeys, which live on the island. The monkeys are the cause of many funny situations. They are so used to the tourists that they fearlessly steal hats or sunglasses from the visitors of the island.
Hong Chong: (Nha Trang)
The rocks Hong Chong are famous for the enormous rocks, which are piled on each other. These rocks look like enormous toy bricks. There are also granite boulders as big as small houses, and a formation, which look like a giant hand with five fingers.
The Museum of Alexandre Yersin: (Nha Trang)
Alexandre Yersin was Louis Pasteur's student, and his name still decorates Vietnamese street signs. The local Pasteur Institute, which is still in use, was founded by Yersin in 1895. He lived in Na Trang, and in the museum you can see his instruments and library.

Area and city attractions

• Hanoi
• Ho Chi Minh City
• Hue
• Nha Trang
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