Travel guide to Salzburg


Local name
When it is 12:00 in Great Britain it is 13:00 in Salzburg.

Best time to visit

Just like in the rest of Austria the weather is mild in Salzburg, which can therefore be visited year round. It is a good idea, though, to be aware that there are a lot of tourists in town during July and August.

Culture and entertainment

The famous Salzburg festival is held in July and August. During the festival it is possible to see street theatre, concerts, parades, plays and cabarets. The magnificent castle concerts are something one will never forget and so is the performance of Jederman in front of the chapel of the castle in July. In the autumn several market festivals are held in Salzburg

Local transport



There are many taxis in Salzburg. Most of them use a meter and can be hailed in the street.

Other transport

If going to Hohensalzburg it is possible to take the rack railway, which departs every half hour during the summer.
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