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South Australia

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Best time to visit

This region can be visited all year round, as it has long, warm summers and short, mild winters with very little rain. One of the hottest places during the summer is Coober Pedy, 863 northwest of Adelaide, where the temperature can reach 45 degrees centigrade.


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Local conditions


Time zone

When it is 12.00 in England (summer time), it is 19.30 in South Australia. When it is 12.00 in England (winter time), it is 21.30 in South Australia. They have winter time, when we have summer time.

Culture and entertainment

Most cultural events take place in and around Adelaide, e.g. a three-week art festival at the end of February or the beginning of March.

Accommodation / Hotel

South Australia presents you with a number of overnight accommodations, from five-star hotels to B&Bs, cabins and hostels. The largest concentration of accommodation is found around Adelaide. Book your hotel in South Australia here

Local transport



Taxis are primarily available in and around the major cities, and getting one in Adelaide shouldn't be a problem.

Other transport

South Australia has a good system of bus routes, where you can also buy a bus pass, getting on and off the buses, as you like.
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