Travel guide to Tel Aviv

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Local name
Tel Aviv
When its 12 p.m. in UK, its 2 p.m. in Tel Aviv

Best time to visit

The summer heat in Tel Aviv is simply intolerable, and just as you come out of the door the humid in the air starts to stick to your body. Spring and autumn are therefore far the most preferable.

Culture and entertainment

The nightlife in Tel Aviv is considered to be one of the best in Israel because the inhabitants in general arent that religious. The discotheque environment is like the one you find in Europe, but added Middle Eastern temperament and energy.

Accommodation / Hotel

Around Ha Yarkon Street and Ben Yehuda street you find most of the cheap youth hostels. There are also a lot of hotels in Tel Aviv. The hotels are in all price ranges. There are cheap, middle class and expensive luxurious hotels in Tel Aviv. Furthermore there are B&Bs in the city. Book your hotel in Tel Aviv here

Local transport



Theres no problem getting a taxi in Tel Aviv.
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