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The Denali National Park (Alaska)
The Denali National Park is a huge park with an eminent animal life, but the biggest attraction is Mount McKinley, rising to 6194 meters. The park has more than a million visitors a year primarily coming here because of the excellent opportunities for camping, trekking, mountain biking or whitewater rafting. There is room for all outdoor activities imaginable surrounded by grand nature.
The Kenai Peninsula (Alaska)
The Kenai Peninsula is one of the most popular places in Alaska. The area is a mix of mountains, fiords, ice fields and glaciers. There are many really good paths for trekking in the area, wonderful areas for canoeing and a vast number of camping sites. On the Kenai Peninsula you can experience a fascinating animal life and glaciers more than 80 kilometers long.
The city of Anchorage (Anchorage)
Half of the population in Alaska lives in Anchorage. The city is the opposite to the rest of the state, which primarily consists of wild and rough nature. The city of Anchorage is lively and hectic with lots of traffic and shopping malls. There are quite a few good sights in the city, for instance The Anchorage Historical & Fine Arts Museum, presenting the history, culture and artwork of Alaska. Furthermore there is the Heritage Library Museum, with a fine collection of old tools, old clothing and weapons.

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