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The United States of America (USA) is made up of 50 states plus a federal district – 48 states and Washington DC in central North America, the state of Alaska in the northwestern part of the country and the state of Hawaii in the Mid-Pacific. Covering such a huge amount of land means that the USA really does offer a type of vacation for everyone – whether you’re into skiing, sunbathing, theme parks, eco-vacations, sightseeing, adrenaline sports, golf, food or something else altogether.

A vacation in the USA is unlike any other. From staggeringly tall redwood forests, snow-capped mountains and twinkling city skylines to miles upon miles of pristine beaches, energetic fun-filled theme parks and vast expanses of countryside – visiting the USA is like visiting the whole world.

Unless you’re visiting a neighboring state, the best way to vacation here is to pick up some cheap flights to the USA. Budget flights to the USA are available throughout the year from domestic airports within the country, as well as international airports scattered across the globe.

Because the USA is such a huge country, it contains a myriad of different climates, with temperatures and weather varying greatly throughout the year state-by-state. With this in mind, if you want to visit a particular state in the country, it’s wise to research what the weather is like there throughout the year, before you snap up the first low-cost flights to the USA that you see.

Whilst iconic cities such as Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago and Florida are some of the most popular in the country, there is a multitude of other destinations worthy of a visit during your stay in the country.

The Statue of Liberty in New York, the Freedom Trail in Boston, and Fort Sumpter in South Carolina, alongside Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, the Alamo in San Antonio and the Hoover Dam along the Nevada-Arizona boarder are amongst the country’s most impressive and spectacular landmarks.

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