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Los Angeles

Located within the state of California on the western coast of the USA, Los Angeles is a vibrant year-round vacation destination, popular with international tourists who travel from all over the world for the chance to experience the city. Since there’s such a vast number of people who regularly travel to the city for both leisure and business purposes, it’s easy to pick up cheap flights to Los Angeles at any time of year.

Despite being located in the US, Los Angeles is renowned for its warm Mediterranean-like climate, with hot dry summers when temperatures can reach 90°F and wet mild winters when temperatures can drop below 50°F. Spring and fall in Los Angeles are relatively warm, with mild temperatures during the daytime, cool temperatures on a night and very little rainfall. February is usually considered to be the wettest month of the year, which is when you’ll find the majority of low-cost flights to Los Angeles available. If you don’t mind the odd shower, this month is a great time to visit the city.

If you decide to take advantage of budget flights to Los Angeles during February and the weather isn’t in your favor, there are plenty of indoor things to see and do. Foodies can indulge in the Magic and Wine Tasting with David Minkin show at the Vine, whilst motor enthusiasts will have a great time at the Nethercutt Museum and art lovers will fall head over heels for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

On the other hand, if the weather is bright and sunny when you choose to visit Los Angeles, there is an equally varied selection of outdoor activities to enjoy, too, including award-winning Getty Center, Griffith Park (one of the largest urban parks in the world) and the family-friendly Universal Studios Hollywood, which offers a mixture of indoor and outdoor attractions.

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