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Travelmarket compares the prices of trips

In just one search, you get an overview of the airlines and trips on offer in the market. You compare prices within our remit, but purchase your trip from the various travel companies, not from Travelmarket. For this reason, we cannot provide personal assistance in your search for trips or travel companies nor answer practical questions relating to travels. However, we have set out some guidelines below, so that you know what to do.

Frequently asked questions

I have found a trip which I would like to buy Once you have found a trip on Travelmarket, click on to the website of the travel company where you will then book and pay for your trip online. You are not buying your trip from Travelmarket.

I have found and purchased a trip online and I have a question
You will receive an email with confirmation of your trip as well as an electronic ticket from your travel company. This will provide you with the contact details of the travel company which sold you the ticket. This is the travel company you must contact if you have any questions about your reservation.

I have found a wrong price on Travelmarket
Travelmarket collects and presents prices from more than 1,000 different travel companies and, in rare cases, we unfortunately receive incorrect prices from the travel companies. If you discover a price error, we would very much like to hear from you. To identify and subsequently correct the error, we need specific information about the trip, outbound and inbound airports, travel dates, the name of the travel company and, of course, the description of the error itself. Write to us at

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If you have any other questions – or would simply like to contact us, please feel free to write to us.
Write to us at the email address: .
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