About Travelmarket

Travelmarket is a search engine

Established in Denmark 25 years ago, Travelmarket was the world’s first flight ticket comparison site, and we have proudly served our users ever since.

Through us, you get a full overview of the flight and hotel deals currently available in the market. We do not sell any tickets ourselves but direct you from our site to one of our approved travel partners for completing your booking. Thus, if you have questions concerning a booking, please contact the travel agency or airline company.

We are not a travel agency, and we do not sell flight tickets or holiday packages.

If you have any questions about your tickets, then please contact the airline or travel agency, that has issued the ticket.

Our purpose is to help you find the best flights and hotels at the best price.

We do this every day by collecting and comparing prices from thousands of airlines, hotels and travel agencies across the globe. We provide a quick and easy overview of your flight and hotel options so that you can get the best and cheapest price possible.


Cheap flights - No monkey business

You alone are the reason we are here. This means that
  • No one can pay their way to the top of the search results, we guarantee you will always find the cheapest flights first.
  • We do not add any extra fees to your tickets. We earn our money from our business partners by sending happy travelers from our site on to theirs.
  • We do not spy on you to raise prices the next time you use our search engine. We always guarantee you the cheapest price available at the time of your search. Nothing added.
  • We give you fraud free flight search. All our travel agencies are carefully selected and approved by Travelmarket for you to be completely safe from ticket scam.


Travelmarket’s best flight price guarantee

We are so confident that we will find you the cheapest price in the market that we will bet our money on it. Therefore, our best flight price guarantee means that if you find flight tickets in the UK cheaper than what you just booked with us, we will refund any price difference.


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