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We ALWAYS show you the cheapest flights at the top of our flight search results – and a travel provider CANNOT pay its way to a better ranking in our search results. We NEVER add fees or other extra payments to the prices which we receive from airlines and online travel agencies. We NEVER increase the prices in our flight search results through the use of cookies or any other technology. Our aim is to always show you the cheapest price. Moreover, we give you a best price guarantee on flight tickets (learn more below)

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Travelmarket compares prices of flight tickets and hotels. We search the market on your behalf and forward you to the travel company where you book and purchase your flight or your hotel. We earn revenue from the travel companies on a per-click/per-booking basis and also make money from advertising. However, this does NOT make your flight or hotel more expensive. Actually, some airlines we chose to include in our search results although we do not earn any revenue from them. We do that to ensure that you find the cheapest airline tickets in the market. At the same time, using our price comparison website is entirely free.

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Travelmarket offers a best price guarantee for flights to ensure that when you make a booking, you purchase the cheapest flight ticket in the market. This guarantee means that we will refund the price difference if, subsequently, you find the airline ticket purchased via cheaper elsewhere on the internet in the United Kingdom.

Using us is safe was established in Denmark in 1995 and was then the worlds first travel search engine. When you compare prices of airline tickets on, you avoid being cheated by fake travel agencies. We select and approve each individual travel agency which we include in our price comparison. In 2018, we were recommended by the Danish consumer organisation, Danish Consumer Council / Forbrugerrådet TÆNK Ole Stouby, our CEO, was one of the first travel experts in the Nordic region and is often quoted in Danish, Swedish and Norwegian media.

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