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Parque Central (Antigua)
Parque Central is a rendezvous of locals as well as of travellers. It is a nice place to take a walk and on several days you will be able to find a market here, where you can buy homemade clothes, earthenware, dolls, blankets, and other forms of handicraft.
The Maya Museum, Casa Kojom (Antigua)
The Maya Indians' culture changes with time and with development. Thus Samuel Franco began to travel around and photograph their ceremonies and record their music in 1984. It took him three years and the result can be seen in Casa K'ojom. It is an impressive collection that tells a great deal about the Mayans and their history.
Volcanoes (Antigua)
It is very popular to climb the volcanoes surrounding the town and there is an impressive view of the entire area from the top. Unfortunately there have been some robberies and even murders on these tours, so it is important to be very careful and only go in groups and with armed guards.

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