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The Jupiter temple (Baalbek)
Besides the Pyramids, Petra in Jordan and Palmyra in Syria, the temple in Baalbek is the most important and most impressive antique attraction in the Middle East. 86 kilometres from Beirut towards the Syrian border lies this suburb with an attraction that attracts several buses filled with tourists every day. During the Roman Empire, Baalbek was the most important city in the Arab province. Only the temple bears witness to this glory. But what a relic. The Jupiter temple is enormous. Besides the ruins, which give an excellent impression of the size of the temple, six pillars are still standing. They are 22 metres tall. Stand in between them and be surprised by how one was able to build something so magnificent at that time. Theres an excellent museum in connection with the temple.

Area and city attractions

• Bcharre
• Beirut
• Baalbek
• Tripoli
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