Attractions from Bcharre

Attractions from

Skiing (Bcharre)
Most of Lebanons skiing areas are situated here. There are well functional and very popular in the winter. Find further information at:
The Cedar trees (Bcharre)
Idyll in the mountains is the remains of the more than thousand-year-old, world-famous cedar trees. Noah used them for his ark and Salomon build the first Jewish temple out of these trees. The cedar forests used to fill up most of Lebanon. But the popular tree was cut down happily so now theres only a small forest left. Besides Japan, Lebanon is said to be the only place in the world where these gigantic trees grow.
The Gibran museum (Bcharre)
Lebanons most famous writer and artist were born in this town and are buried here in an old convent. The museum has a large collection of his paintings, drawings and manuscripts.
The Kadisha ravine (Bcharre)
The beautiful Kadisha ravine is paradise for people who wish to hike. You can either walk on the edge or at the bottom of the ravine.

Area and city attractions

• Bcharre
• Beirut
• Baalbek
• Tripoli
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