Attractions from Boston

Attractions from

Charlestown (Boston)
Charlestown is a living museum from the time when the building of ships was the big thing in Boston. In the area you can see several old ships, for instance quite a few war ships from Thomas Jefferson's days. Furthermore you can experience the shipyard itself and the country's first dry dock.
The City of Cambridge College (Boston)
Cambridge is a college town with more than 30.000 students. The area is home to the famous university Harvard, and the beautiful buildings are certainly worth a visit. In the area you will find several cafés, restaurants, bookstores and other shops, and you can spend a lot of time just wandering about enjoying the atmosphere.
The North End quarter (Boston)
In Boston's oldest quarter narrow winding streets and the smell of coffee will surround you pleasantly. This area is home to the most of the city's Italian population, and here you will find lots of little baker's shops, cafés and candy stores. A walk through the area will offer beautiful architectural buildings, which are among the oldest in the country. All in all this is a cozy and charming neighbourhood.

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