Travel guide to Calgary


Local name
When it is 12.00 in England, it is 04.00 in Calgary.

Best time to visit

Calgary can be visited all year round, not least because of the Chinook winds, which raise the temperature drastically during the winters. Snowfall sometimes occurs in May though, but many people also come here the ski in the Rocky Mountains, which are only an hour's drive away.


Calgary (1562613227)

Culture and entertainment

You shouldn't miss the classical Wild West rodeo, Calgary Stampede, if you're in the city in the beginning of July, where you can see cowboys on wild bulls and horses, Indians, prairie wagon races and lots of other performances. The Calgary Winter Festival is held in February, featuring ice sculptures, winter sports and festivities.

Accommodation / Hotel

Calgary has plenty of places to spend the night, from five-star hotels to the inns and camping sites outside the city. Note that the prices go up during the beginning of July and that you'll need to book in advance if you want a place to sleep during the ten days the rodeo is held. Book your hotel in Calgary here

Local transport



It isn't difficult to find a taxi in Calgary, as the Co-op Taxi, Checker Taxi and Associated Taxi operate in the city.

Other transport

Calgary has bus traffic, train traffic and airplane travel, and you can also rent a car.
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