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Arte Contemporáneo Museum (Caracas)
The art museum in Caracas is one of the finest of its kind on the South American continent. Here, you can see how Venezuelan art has developed over time, and at the same time the museum contains lots of works by international artists like Picasso and Miró. The museum is a must when you are in Caracas
Bolívar square in Caracas (Caracas)
This square is named after Simon Bolívar, Venezuela's liberator and national hero, and is the centre of the old part of town. This is where you will find monuments from the history of the city, like Parliament, the beautiful cathedral and the Santa Capilla chapel with its colourful stained glass. Something is always going on in the square, either passionate, religious messengers or enthusiastic politically active people shouting out their messages to the crowd.
Central Park (Caracas)
This is a good place to start, if you want to get an impression of modern Caracas. Actually Parque Central is not really a park, but a large area consisting primarily of concrete and iron, and with buildings that are so modernistic that the place looks like the set of a science fiction movie. These buildings are however impressive in their own special way, and even though there are no trees or bushes there is a flourishing life inside the park.

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