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The Market Square (Chichicastenango)
Thursday and Sunday are fair days in the village and stalls are lined up from the break of dawn. The market place is lively and chaotic throughout the day and it is possible to buy home cooked food, masks, vegetables, fruit, spices and so on. The stalls are open until late afternoon and if you have the guts, it often pays off to put off your buy until right before they close. Most people would rather sell their goods at a lower price than have to drag them all the way home again.
The Mayan Shrine of Pascual Abaj (Chichicastenango)
This Mayan shrine, which is said to be several hundreds, maybe thousands, of years old, can be found a little outside of Chichicastenago. The shrine is still used to perform offerings to the Mayan God of Earth, who makes sure that the soil remains fertile. If you visit this place, you might be lucky and sit in on an offering of, for instance, a chicken.
The Santo Tomás Church. (Chichicastenango)
This church dates back to the colonial age and was built in 1540. Despite the fact that the village is officially Catholic, it is common to see rituals performed in the church that look more Mayan than Catholic. The church has an impressive architecture and a flight of steps, which resembles the steps in the pyramids. This flight of steps should only be used by very important people and visitors should enter through a door on the other side of the church.

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