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Amorgos (Cyclades)
Amorgos, with its ochreous rocks and clear, green water, is incredibly beautiful, as well as very mountainous and good for hiking. The diving scenes from the film "The Big Blue" were shot in Amorgos, and if you like diving and snorkelling, you shouldn't miss this island.
Naxos (Cyclades)
Naxos is the largest island in the Cyclades and therefore also where most things go on. In the old times, Naxos was famous for its cultivation of wine, but today it's the possibilities for surfing and doing other kinds of water sports that attract people. Many chose to bike around the island and visit its highest point, Mt Zeus, which is 1003 metres high.
Paros (Cyclades)
Paros is definitely the cosiest island in the Cyclades and has a charming seaside promenade, where one can dine in one of the many restaurants, while watching the ferries constantly sailing to and fro. Paros has a good nightlife and a butterfly valley, which is worth visiting. Otherwise, the beaches are the greatest attraction in Paros.

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