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The Rock The Slieve League (Donegal)
This is the name of the greatest ocean rock in Europe, which is situated by the west coast of Donegal. The rock rises 598 metres above sea level and is one of the most spectacular sights in Ireland. If you want to set out on a long hike in the rocky area it is recommended that you consult a guide.
The town Lough Derg (Donegal)
The lake Lough Derg is situated about 20 kilometres east of Donegal town. Every summer several thousands of catholic pilgrims come to Lough Derg. They come to do penance on Station Island, which is situated in Lough Derg. Saint Patrick visited the island in the year 445, and since then pilgrims have called this place Saint Patrick's purgatory.

Area and city attractions

• Donegal
• Cork
• Dublin
• Galway
• Limerick
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