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Travel guide to Failaka Island

Travel guide to Failaka Island The historically most interesting thing about Kuwait is found by taking the ferry from Kuwait City to the Failaka Island in the Persian Gulf. With help from an international team of archaeologists, traces of the Dilmun people who lived approximately 2000 years B.C. have been found. Also the Greeks have occupied the island somewhat later, and obviously they have left some very interesting traces.


Local name

Travel preparation

Best time to visit
There is not much shade to be found among the ruins of the Failaka Island. The summers are unbearably hot and therefore the best time to go there is in the winter.

Local conditions

Accommodation / Hotel

There is no organized overnight accommodation on the Failaka Island, and camping is strongly deprecated. Read further in 'special conditions'.
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Local transport

Other transport
The trip from Kuwait City to the island is by ferry and takes approximately 90 min. Trips around the island are by foot, and can in most cases be finished within the three hours the stay lasts before the ferry returns to the main land. Information on departure is available on 5472664.

Special conditions

The Iraqis put out mines on the island during the war and these have not yet been removed. All doings outside the authorized paths can be lethal, and therefore camping on the island is strongly deprecated.
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