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Funchal is the capital and largest city of Madeira, found in the south of the island on the coast. A popular vacation destination and port of call for European cruise itineraries, Funchal offers a handful of attractions and facilities for travelers without losing its charismatic, olde-worlde appeal. With a great range of excursions, authentic restaurants and cheap accommodation in Funchal, this city is the perfect place for a peaceful and relaxing vacation.

A must-see for nature lovers, Funchal’s gardens and parks are amongst some of the best in Europe, with the exotic Monte Palace Tropical Garden, complete with story-telling tiles, oriental decorations and freely-roaming peacocks, being the most popular.

To get to the gardens you’ll need to catch the cable car, which not only gets you there quickly and smoothly, but also provides you with stunning views which stretch across the city. You can see so much from this height that you might even be able to spot your affordable hotel in Funchal from here!

To get back from the Monte Palace Tropical garden you can catch the cable car again, walk or enjoy a traditional Funchal toboggan ride. This unparalleled trip begins at the Monte Palace Tropical Garden where you sit on a wooden bench and are pushed to the foot of Funchal by two locals dressed in traditional Portuguese clothes.

Not only for nature lovers, Funchal offers loads for foodies and families, too. The colorful Funchal Market with its beautiful flower, local produce and fresh fish sections, and a guided tour around the Old Blandy’s Wine Lodge will surely satisfy all culinary cravings, whilst a sightseeing tour on board a whale and dolphin spotting boat is a great way to keep the little ones entertained.

Funchal is nestled into a natural amphitheatre, with almost all buildings in the city offering an incredible panoramic view of the ocean. This means that almost all the accommodation choices, even the cheap vacation rentals in Funchal, boast unbelievable views which you’ll never tire of.
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