Attractions from Gaborone


Attractions from

Gaborone Game Reserve (Gaborone)
This national park is situated 15 kilometers outside Gaborone. It only has a few antilopes and a rhinoceros in a cage and is hardly worth a visit if you are visiting any of the other national parks.
Markets (Gaborone)
There are many market places in Gaborone, where it is possible to find equipment for safaris or souvenirs. This also includes such handicrafts as homemade bags and stone or leather items.
National Museum and Art Gallery (Gaborone)
It is possible to admire some of Botswana's cultural heritage in this museum, which exhibits both traditional artwork, as well as a big collection of stuffed animals. There is an interesting exhibit of the local San-culture about the desert people of Botswana, and other fine exhibits about traditional communities.

Area and city attractions

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