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Liseberg Amusement Park (Gothenburg)
This amusement park is one of the most popular attractions in Sweden, and has also been named the world's best amusement park. The main amusement is the switchback to the space-like, futuristic tower 83 metres above the ground.
Museum of Art (Konstmuseet) (Gothenburg)
Göteborg's Museum of Art is situated on the Göta square. You can see Nordic and European master pieces here. The museum is most famous for the collections of Rubens, Van Gogh, Rembrandt and Picasso, though.
The city museum (Stadsmuseum) (Gothenburg)
This museum has exhibitions of archaeological, regional and historical collections. Among these is the only Viking ship in Sweden, Äskekärr Skibet.
Bohuslän (Götaland)
The coastline by Bohuslän is one of the most beautiful landscapes you can see in Sweden. You can visit small, picturesque fishing villages along the impressive coastline full of cliffs. Especially Smögen and Åstol are worth visiting.
Läckö Slott (Götaland)
The castle is situated by the largest lake in Sweden, Vänern, and it is a real fairy tale castle. It contains extraordinary examples of 18th century baroque architecture with towers, domes and ornamented frescoes. From May to August you can get a 45 minutes guided tour round the 240 rooms of the castle.
Vadstena (Götaland)
The middle age streets of Vadstena are something quite special. You can also visit the famous Vadstena Castle, which is situated by the large, beautiful Vättern Lake.
Lund (Lund)
Lund is the oldest city in Sweden and only 20 minutes drive from Malmö. It is absolutely worth a visit. It is an old University City, but has important, historical roots back to when the Danish episcopal residence was here. The city is still built up around the impressive cathedral from the 13th century in the middle of the city.
Malmö house (Malmöhus) (Malmö)
Erik of Pomerania built this fortress in 1434 to control all traffic into the Sound. Since then, different Danish and Swedish kings have altered the fortress many times. The fortress is an impressive building.
The museums of Malmö (Malmö)
Malmö has quite a few museums, the city museum (Stadsmuseet) and the Museum of Art (Konstmuseet) being two of them. The more modern Rooseum also contains modern art.

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