Travel guide to Japanese Alps

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Travel preparation


Best time to visit

If you want to go for walks in the Japanese Alps the summer is absolutely the best time of year to visit the area. Naturally, the winter is best for the ski lovers. In the winter you can frisk about in plenty of snow.

Local conditions


Time zone

When the time is 12.00 in England (summer time) it is 20.00 in the Japanese Alps. When the time is 12.00 in England (winter time) it is 21.00 in the Japanese Alps.

Culture and entertainment

Fabulous nature experiences await you in the Japanese Alps. If you desire parties and entertainment you should go to the larger cities in the area or seek one of the health resorts.

Accommodation / Hotel

The area around the Japanese Alps offers plenty of places to sleep. The prices for accommodation vary a lot. In general the health and ski resorts are quite expensive. Therefore it is a good idea to try private accommodation (Mishuku) or a hostel. Alternatively you can go to the nearest city. It is a good idea to examine the prices before you go and to book well in advance. Book your hotel in Japanese Alps here

Local transport

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