Attractions from Jurmala

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Natural scenery (Jurmala)
The natural wonders around Jurmala have attracted tourists for centuries. Whether you're coming to the health resorts to benefit from the therapeutic springs and mud baths, or just want to bask in the sun, the Jurmala region is perfect. As beautiful as the area is, Latvian industry has been very insensitive to the environment in the past, so now the authorities discourage bathing of any kind.
The Lozmetejkalns area (Jurmala)
To the South of Jurmala is Lozmetejkalns, the famous battlefield where lightly armed Latvian troops overpowered a number of powerful German positions. Today the area is sprinkled with gravestones that stand along the roads as silent reminders of the meaninglessness of war.

Area and city attractions

• Jurmala
• Riga
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