Travel guide to Kaafu Atol (Malé Atol)

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Travel preparation


Best time to visit

The most ideal time to go is from December to April when it's sunny and there's very little rain. You can also visit the islands from May to November but then it is cloudier and there's a little more rain and humidity.

Local conditions


Time zone

When it's 12 noon in England (summer time), it is 4 pm on the islands. When it's 12 noon in England (winter time), it is 5 pm on the islands.

Culture and entertainment

Several festivals are held on the islands, e.g the Independence Day Theme Floats in July, Art Exhibition in August and Tourism Day in September. In October there is the Culinary Exhibition, Miss Tourism Beauty Pageant in November and Diving Conference in December.

Accommodation / Hotel

When you visit the Maldives you have to stay overnight in the tourist resorts, which offer different choices of overnight accommodations. The most common choice is clearly a hut or a bungalow near the beach. Book your hotel in Kaafu Atol (Malé Atol) here

Local transport


Other transport

Boats and ferries operate between most islands.
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