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Baros Island (Kaafu Atol (Malé Atol))
Baros is an oval-shaped island, which you can reach by boat from the airport. The island has a nice beach which stretches over more than one kilometre. One side of the island is full of corals which makes it a perfect diving and snorkelling site. The other side is excellent for swimming and water skiing.
Bodufinolhu (Fun Island) (Kaafu Atol (Malé Atol))
Bodufinolhu lies on the eastern reef on the southern part of Kaafu Atoll. The area has a big beautiful lagoon and nearby you'll find two small-uninhabited islands, which you can reach by foot at low tide. Bodufinolhu is a great place to stay and you can stay overnight in small huts.
Nakatchafushi Resort (Kaafu Atol (Malé Atol))
Nakatchafushi lies on the western side of the northern part of the Kaafu Atol. Nakatchafushi has the biggest lagoon in the area and is without doubt the most beautiful and most photographed place in the Maldives. The resort is perfect is you want to enjoy yourself on the excellent beach or go water skiing on the blue sea.

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