Attractions from Karachi

Attractions from

Dhobi Ghat by the river (Karachi)
Go out to this place early in the morning and see Pakistan's largest laundry! A 3-4 km long riverbank is converted into a laundry, where people wash and dye clothes and textiles, while chatting and telling stories. Don't be surprised if you're offered a cup of tea with milk.
The district of Saddar (Karachi)
Karachi's city centre and main shopping area. Here, you can find anything from leather goods to gingerbread and Chanel perfume. Stroll around the various areas and observe the everyday life. There's a new experience around every corner.
The mosque Masjid-i-tuba (Defence housing society mosque) (Karachi)
Most people are impressed by this building, which has the world's largest dome, with a diameter of 72 metres. It is built in white marble and has thousands of mirrors embedded in the ceiling as small stars, which gives it a very special touch.

Area and city attractions

• Gilgit
• Karachi
• Lahore
• Peshawar
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