Attractions from Karakoram (North Pakistan)

Karakoram (North Pakistan)

Attractions from

The city of Gilgit (Gilgit)
Gilgit is the administrative base of the region, and is full of tourists from May to October, all seeking some better food-standard than what can be found in the rest of the region. It is also a great place to observe the locals, coming to the town to trade, and you're just as peculiar a sight to them, as they are to you.
Balistan region (Karakoram (North Pakistan))
An hour south of Gilgit and off the Karakoram highway is this region, known as "Little Tibet", which is due to the large concentration of Tibetans, who came here as early as the 18th century. Today, a lot of different people live here and it is an adventurous experience to travel from village to village, watching the street life.
Hunza Valley (Karakoram (North Pakistan))
Hunza is a valley, which breaks the mountain range on Karakoram Highway. The hospitable locals welcome you to this beautiful area, which is more open to tourists and more developed than other parts of the country without having lost its original Pakistani charm. The curved rivers flowing through the brown mountains with snow-clad peaks make it easy to understand why somebody think that this is Shangri-La, the lost paradise.
The mountains and the people (Karakoram (North Pakistan))
The primary reason to go here is not the cultural sights, but the mountains; the rough, desert and some places fertile and green mountains, along with the friendly people who live here. See a broad, toothless smile on the face of an old man, whose face has been marked by the wind and weather, the burning sun and the bitterly cold frost. This is also a great place to go trekking.

Area and city attractions

• Gilgit
• Karachi
• Lahore
• Peshawar
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