Attractions from Lagos

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The markets in Lagos (Lagos)
The market places are huge and filled with colourful life. The most well known ones are Morocco I and II and the Balogun Market. These places have to be seen. You simply won't believe your own eyes.
The National Museum (Lagos)
The National Museum has a large and inspiring collection of African art, artwork and weapons. The museum's collection of Benin bronzes and ivory carvings is something completely unique. A trip to this museum is an excellent way to get a much-needed break from the hectic city-life for a few hours.
The old fishing villages (Lagos)
If you want to get away from the buzzingly busy city, you can go to the harbour and catch a water-cab to the lagoon and the old fishing villages, where you can relax on the many beaches and enjoy excellent meals at the local restaurants.

Area and city attractions

• Jos
• Kano
• Lagos
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