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Lake Malawi National Park (Lake Malawi)
Close to Monkey Bay lays this national park that gives shelter to a population of freshwater fish, of which there are so many that the amount surpasses those of both Europe and North America put together. Larger animals can also be found in the water so hippopotami and crocodiles fight with the many fish over space, while on land you can see zebras, leopards, and a number of different kinds of monkeys. It is possible to spend the night in the area.
The city of Nkhata Bay (Nkhata Bay)
One of Lake Malawi's most beautiful cities is Nkhata Bay. Tourists flock to this little spot to see the fantastic beaches, go diving in the lake and do some bird watching in the nearby Kalwe Forest.

Area and city attractions

• Lilongwe
• Nkhata Bay
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