Attractions from Malaysian East Coast

Attractions from

The tropical island Pulau Tioman (Malaysian East Coast)
Tioman is a wonderful tropical island, which has not yet been spoiled by tourists. Most of the island is covered by rain forest and the island is very popular among people on trekking. The island has an abundance of peaceful palm beaches that you can often have all to yourself.
The waterfalls near Kota Tinggi (Malaysian East Coast)
Approximately 15 kilometres north of the little town of Kota Tinggi, you will find the Kota Tinggi waterfalls. The water drops 34 metres on shining rocks, which have been polished through the years. The water then runs further down in small basins, where you can take a lovely swim in the heat.
Turtles (Malaysian East Coast)
Along the East Coast by night, especially in June, July and August, it is possible to see the magnificent animals crawl on land to dig their eggs into the sand. Just as clumsily they move on land, just as gracious these fascinating animals are at sea.

Area and city attractions

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