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Singapore Bazaar (Male)
Singapore Bazaar is a nice, charming area in Malé. It is a gathering of small shops, which sell local handicrafts, imported tourist souvenirs, fishing gear and food. In this neighbourhood you can also experience some of the small teahouses where Maldivian men in particular meet for a snack and a chat.
The Hukuru Miski Mosque (Male)
Hukuru Miski is the oldest mosque in Malé, which has more than twenty mosques. Hukuru Miski is famous for its fascinating stone carvings. A long panel, carved in the 13th century, depicts how Islam was introduced in the Maldives.
The Waterfront (Male)
Malé has a long waterfront - a nice place to go for a walk and relax. Here you'll find small teahouses and a few restaurants, and it is also an experience in itself to watch the local fishermen and their work.

Area and city attractions

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