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Granada Studio Tours (Manchester)
Is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Manchester. Open for most of the year, a ticket will cost you around £15.00 and will take you through a tour of the studios where you will experience a range of rides and special effects. The biggest draw for visitors is the Coronation Street set. The Nation's longest running soap opera.
Manchester Museum (Manchester)
Open from Monday to Saturday, 10.00am to 5.00pm with free admission, the museum houses a fantastic display of Egyptian artefacts. Currently undergoing renovation (due for completion in 2001) you may find that some exhibits are closed at the time of visiting.
Museum of Science and Industry (Manchester)
The museum, which opens daily, costs £5 and is home to a menagerie of displays and exhibitions. The main attraction is a working replica of Robert Stephenson's 'Planet' which plunges visitors ½ mile to the world's oldest railway system.

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