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The Museum Océanographique (Monaco)
This world famous research institute was founded in 1910 and was headed by Jacques Cousteau for many years. Among other things at the museum, you can see Cousteau's diving equipment and explore the enormous aquarium for 70 franc. Students pay have price.
The Palace Museum Musée des Souvenirs Napoléoniens et Collection des Archives Historiques du Palais (Monaco)
In the south wing of the Palais du Prince there is a museum with an extensive collection of objects and documents that can be traced back to Napoleon. In addition the whole first floor of the museum is dedicated to telling the history of the principality.
The Royal Palace Palais du Prince (Monaco)
Monaco's royal palace has existed since the 1200's. Since then all the Grimaldis who have lived in the castle have given it their own special touch, which means that Palais du Prince is not the most elegant castle in Europe. But all the same it is remarkable because of its beautiful interior and the changing of the guards every day at 11:55.

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