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Sesriem Canyon (Namib Desert)
About 4 kilometres from the desert's camping site there is a little cleft which is almost invisible until you practically fall into it. The gorge is a small oasis, and there is always water in it, even in the driest of times. The place used to be an important source of water for the original inhabitants of the desert.
The Solitaire area (Namib Desert)
If you want to experience being in the middle of nowhere, you should go to Solitaire. The only reason for Solitaire's existence is the fact that tourists need to be helped on towards Sesriem Canyon. There used to be nothing but a tree, a gas pump, and a take-away kiosk. But today there are as much as three gas pumps and a cafeteria. The solitary tree, however, died away.
The Sossusvlei area (Namib Desert)
Sossusvlei is one of the most impressive areas in the Namibian desert. The okra coloured sand dunes are almost 300 metres high in some places, and they practically beg you to climb them in your bare feet. Geologists say that this desert area is probably the oldest in the world.

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