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New York

New York is a bustling cosmopolitan state located in the north east of the USA. The state is broken up into five different boroughs – the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island – each of which offers a completely different experience. With so many different attractions, sites, atmospheres and cheap vacation rentals in New York, it’s like you can visit almost every continent of the world without ever even leaving the state.

Widely regarded as the home of hip-hop, the Bronx features a number of top attractions, such as the contemporary Bronx Museum of the Arts, family-friendly Bronx Zoo, 250-acre New York Botanical gardens and sprawling Van Cortlandt Park.

Trendy Brooklyn is one borough which needs to be seen in person to be fully appreciated. With the internationally-renowned Brooklyn Academy of Music, state-of-the-art Barclays Center, Green-Wood Cemetery and unparalleled pizza joints, Brooklyn is the borough for travelers who want to be at the forefront of cool.

Manhattan – the region that most commonly pops into people’s heads at the mention of New York – is overflowing with iconic landmarks, many of which you’ll recognize from TV. From the gargantuan Central Park and staggeringly tall Empire State Building to the bright lights of the High Line and breathtaking Grand Central Terminal, you’ll never be stuck for something to do here. Don’t be put off from visiting Manhattan if you’re on a budget – although cheap accommodation in New York is tough to find, it is available if you search hard enough.

The most international of the New York boroughs, Queens is known for its premier Queens Theatre, artistic Socrates Sculpture Park and open-air Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden where you can feast on exotic delicacies from Eastern Europe whilst enjoying themed entertainment.

Staten Island is one of the best places for families traveling with little ones to visit in New York. Here you’ll find the charming Staten Island Zoo, vacation enriching Fort Wadsworth and the fun-filled Staten Island Children’s Museum just waiting to be explored.

Forget paying hundreds of dollars per night when it comes to accommodation in the Big Apple – no matter which borough you decide to visit within the state, cheap hotels in New York are a reality and allow thousands of budget travelers to enjoy unforgettable vacations in the state every year.

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