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The archaeological museum (Nicosia)
A country so rich in relics of the past naturally has a sublime archaeological museum. With finds going all the way back from 5,800 years B.C. and up to the 12th century, when the Byzantine ruled the island, the museum is a must for every tourist going to Nicosia.
The Museum of Byzantine Art (Nicosia)
The museum has a very fine art collection. The most special things are two icons from the 12th and the 13th century and six Karnakaria mosaics.
The old town (Nicosia)
Distances are short in the old town of Nicosia, so you easily get from one sight to another. The most important sights are all the old churches and cathedrals as well as the Byzantine museum. The Agois Ioannis Cathedral has a number of very beautiful wall paintings with biblical motives. Remember to visit the charming Laiki Yitonia district as well.
The Troodos Mountains (Nicosia)
Outside Nicosia, you will find the Troodos Mountains, also called the heart of Cyprus. The mountains themselves are beautiful, but they also keep nine Byzantine churches, which has obtained UNESCO's recognition as "part of the World Heritage". Furthermore, the mountains offer good opportunities for hiking and skiing in winter.
The wall around the old town (Nicosia)
The walls around the old town in Nicosia were built by the Venetians and completely encircle this old part of the city. One of the three gates of the old town is called Famagusta Gate and has been converted into a cultural centre.

Area and city attractions

• Gazimagusa
• Larnaca
• Limassol
• Nicosia
• Paphos
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