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Fulung (Northern Taiwan)
The beach at Fulung is a veritable surfer's paradise, but you can also do other water sport activities such as water-skiing and sailing.
Shihtoushan (Northern Taiwan)
Here it is possible to see some of the impressing Buddhist temples, monasteries, and pagodas. In the south-eastern part of this area lies the town of Tienhsiang where you can see the narrow canyon of Taroko Gorge. It is a widespread opinion that this place is the most beautiful spot in Taiwan!
Wulai (Northern Taiwan)
Some of the prettiest hot springs are located in the town of Wulai where it is also possible to go hiking in the surrounding mountains. In this place, you'll come across the more authentic Taiwanese culture.
Pei Tou (Taipei)
Not more than 13 km from Taipei, you'll find the Pei Tou hot springs that definitely are worth visiting.
The Taipei street life (Taipei)
Art, architecture, museums, galleries, old tea parlours, traditional stores, and a street with a row of shops that only sells snake medicine; all this and more can be found in the this Asian capital.

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