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Chiang Mai Zoo (Northern Thailand)
The zoological garden in Chiang Mai was founded in 1920 and was originally the private collection of an American missionary. He donated the zoo to the city when he retired. There are over 6000 animals in the zoo, among others 12 penguins, the first ever seen in Thailand.
Doi Inthanon National Park (Northern Thailand)
The National Park got its name from Thailand's highest mountain, Doi Inthanon that is also in the park. But it is not the only magnificent natural phenomenon that is hiding in the park. The beautiful waterfalls Mae Klang, Mae Ya, and Vivacharatarn are fantastic as they fall almost straight down the sides of the cliffs and cascades of water spray to all sides.
Elephant Show (Northern Thailand)
The elephant has been used as a work animal in Northern Thailand for centuries, and it is still being used as such. When heavy logs have to be moved the elephants lend a helping trunk. All around in Northern Thailand there are elephant camps where the animals are trained. In most of these camps they put on shows for the tourists, so that they can see how the animals do their work.

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